About Us

What matters to you matters to us. Quality, fit, performance, comfort, longest-lasting uniforms, and most importantly, you looking and feeling your best.

Bratwear and Olympic Uniforms have been doing this for over 30 years. Our combined expertise, our love for our customers, and our passion for this industry make us the front-runners in the public safety uniform marketplace. Our uniforms can be found throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

In 2015, Bratwear and Olympic Uniforms joined forces to become Sound Uniform Solutions. This allowed us to expand our distribution and to continue offering the great uniforms you know and love, in stock and with faster delivery to you. We are excited to be building another factory to keep up with your demands and to keep plenty of stock of popular items on our shelves.

We are dedicated to you and listen to your wants and needs. We offer you all the comfort and great looks that today’s technology allows—clothing you will not find anywhere else. We are continually looking at the market and researching new product development.

We also support and supply only the highest quality ready-made products to complete your needs: body armor, shoes, duty gear and more.

Customer service is our number one objective. Julie, Sally, and our helpful staff can assist you in deciding what will work best for your department, considering your working conditions, budget, and all aspects that are important to you. It will be our pleasure to outfit you with uniforms designed and built around dependability, performance, and unsurpassed quality. We make no false claims. When making your uniform decision, please ask for samples—you will see the quality difference when comparing our uniforms to any others.

We thank you for your continued support and service to our communities.